The discus-thrower

One of the sculptors' great masters was the Greek MYRON whose works date to 470 - 450 BC.

The discus thrower was originally made in bronze, but has been lost. It is possible that this was made after three Olympic victories. Copies were made in marble, and several of these still exist. The idea of harmony was central to the Greeks' view of the body. To be part of a harmonious world, man had to be characterized by harmony. Man should develop all aspects of himself, both physical and intellectual. The places where the Greeks cultivated science and philosophy were also arenas for sports. The sculpture is an example of the cultivation of the active, active human being who is constantly searching for the perfect. In sports, the Greeks saw man at his most beautiful. The individual performance was at the cente

Diskoskaster fra OL

Myrons diskoskaster eller DISCOBOLOS. Foto: Siv Kjersti Nårstad Skansen