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The round movie theatre in the middle of the museum offers great movie experiences. 

On the screen outside the room you can chose which movie to watch. 

Inside the Race

Do not miss this fascinating 180 degree movie experience that makes you feel how it is to be an Olympic athlete. Pictures and movies from different Games combined with sound effects and visual metaphors tells about the pressure, the pain and stress the athletes experience before and during a competition.  

Magical Moments

The Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994 was an unforgettable celebration of sports, and the folk life was unbelievable. This movie will show you some of the highlights from these fantastic winter days.  

The legacy from the Olympics

Learn how the Olympics at Lillehammer effected the town and the local environment. 

Olympic Games in 1952

The Winter Olympics in Oslo in 1952  was Norway's first Olympic Games.  See highlights from the Games that became a huge success to audience.