The International Olympic Academy

The International Olympic Academy (IOA) works to promote values and attitude-creating work in sport.

Bygningen til Det internasjonale olympiske akademi i Hellas.

Det internasjonale olympiske akademi i Hellas. Foto: Norges Olympiske Museum

 IOA aimed to create an international academic center in Olympia (Greece) to preserve and spread the Olympic attitudes and values. The IOA embraces all organizations that aim to build a more peaceful and better world through the education of people in sports. Sport that is practiced without discrimination of any kind, and in the Olympic spirit that requires mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play. All countries that are members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are obliged to organize a National Olympic Academy every year. The IOC recognizes that education is the backbone of the Olympic movement, and therefore supports the IOA and other institutions that engage in the dissemination of Olympic attitudes and values. The Norwegian Olympic Academy has held many of its sessions at the Nansen School in Lillehammer. The first session was held here in 1988.