Toppbilde sak om ol_avisen_Foto Anders Lindstad
The digital newspaper will be exciting reading when finished. Photo: Anders Lindstad.

Historical Olympic newspaper

Magical moments can be relived at the new Norwegian Olympic Museum. 

Asbjørn Ringen, retired reporter, is making the digital newspaper for the Norwegian Olympic Museu. Photo:Anders Lindstad. 

The two Olympic games hosted by Norway are enlightened by newspaper  clippings prior to the games. These are presented through a newly developed digital newspaper and give an interesting focus on how the press was covering the preparations prior to the games in 1952 and in 1994. Not so surprisingly there are many differences, but the focus on money was applicable in both cases.

4 minute appeal – Oslo got the Olympic games
The application and the allocation phase was very different in 1952, as compared to today.

The Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, reports that the leader of Oslo´s delegation, General Helset, who was the last person to present his candidacy on IOCs session in Stockholm in 1947, did this in 4 ½ minutes. The other candidates had blasted their time frames, but Oslo took the victory home in competition with amongst others Cortina and Lake Placid.
This, and much more, can be read about in the interactive newspaper that the retired reporter, Asbjørn Ringen, is putting together for the museum these days.

A question of money….
The question of money has not changed much during the years, but the scope has changed quiet a bit. As an example there were critical newspaper reports focusing on the organization committee going on a study trip to the St. Moritz games in 1948. The size of the group that was planned to go was questioned, and it all ended up in 5 persons going, all sharing a tent for 16 persons. In the newspapers the trip was featured as a luxury trip subsidized by public funds.

Exciting time images
Reading in the newspaper one might remember the preparations for the Olympics in 94, but articles prior to the 1952 Olympics are less familiar.
A lot of interesting reading and many exciting time images can be discovered. This is all about the preparations prior to the games, and the example above shows us that even if the use of resources has changed, the debate is not new.