toppbilde_Braekhus_6_Lina Baker / Baker and Baker Productions
Photo: Lina Baker / Baker and Baker Productions

The fight to take part – women in sport

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8 March 2019–23 February 2020

Exhibition about women’s struggle to take part in male dominated sports.  

Sport has been one of many arenas where women have had to fight for their right to take part.

Gender roles and the female ideal did not accept that women participated in power sports. It was looked upon as unaesthetic and mannish. The common belief was that the female body would not withstand strenuous physical workout.

The exhibition tells about strong profiles who have defied the resistance and been pioneers for female participation in male dominated sports like track and field, figure skating, cross country skiing, ski jumping, football and boxing.

One of them is the professional boxer and world champion Cecilia Brækhus, who opened the exhibition on Women's day, March 8.

Today we take for granted that women and men have the same rights to sports, but is that really so?